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From Martin Zaun <Martin.Z...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Compatibility issue for 10.4
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2008 22:43:46 GMT

Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> 2) In order to bring down the server using NetworkServerControl, the 
>>> customer will need to supply username/password credentials.
>>  > I regard (2) as the fix to some serious bugs.
>> It might be useful to think about these as two separate issues, it's 
>> really an implementation detail that DERBY-2109 addresses both of them.

The functional spec and the implementation happens to address both issues:
a) authentication with NetworkServerControl and
b) system authorization for shutdown/create database
since a) is a requirement for b).  But you're right these features and their
corresponding compatibility issues could have been separated.

>> Item 2) does fix a bug (has it been reported as a Jira issue?) where 
>> unauthenticated users can shutdown a network server and database engine.
>> So Item 2) could be fixed without system authorization (DERBY-2109) 
>> changes, thus the justification for introducing 2) as a backwards 
>> compatibility issue might be different to introducing 1).

I realize that my initial summary of the user-visible changes and backward
compatibility issues in SystemPrivilegesBehaviour.html (see DERBY-2109) was

I've updated the document to reflect that by the published patch: Issue 2)
(credentials for NetworkServerControl shutdown) arises when running with
Authentication -- with or without Security Manager.

> Looking at this more it seems that item 2) only partially fixes the bug. 

No, your first comment was correct.  Sorry for the confusion.

> If the server has system authentication but no security manager then 
> from a reading of the spec and the initial e-mail in this thread then 
> the bug remains. We may want to consider closing this security hole 
> regardless of if there is a security manager. This then of course would 
> change the backwards compatibility statement a little.

The DERBY-2109 patch fixes the authentication hole with NetworServerControl
even when running without a Security Manager.  So, the issues could have
been separated.


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