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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Compatibility issue for 10.4
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 16:58:13 GMT
The system privileges work (DERBY-2109) will introduce a compatibility 
issue for 10.4. I would like to commit Martin's work on this issue, but 
before I do that, I would like to make sure that the community is 
comfortable with the compatibility behavior. I am taking this question 
to the developer community first. Once the developer community agrees on 
the correct behavior, it may be necessary to poll the user community as 

DERBY-2109 reduces our exposure to denial-of-service (and possible theft 
and corruption) attacks by making it possible to restrict who can bring 
down the engine and create databases. However, in providing these extra 
protections, DERBY-2109 introduces a backward-compatibility issue. This 
issue affects customers who do BOTH of the following:

A) Run with Authentication turned on
B) Run with a Java Security Manager

After upgrading the engine code to 10.4, these customers will experience 
behavior which is different from 10.3:

1) If the customer has written their own security policy file (the usual 
and recommended situation), then the customer will need to add some 
extra permissions to that policy file.

2) In order to bring down the server using NetworkServerControl, the 
customer will need to supply username/password credentials.

I expect that item (1) will affect most production usages of Derby which 
run under a Java security manager. In essence, we are requiring that 
these customers declare the list of users who are trusted to shutdown 
the engine and create new databases. Item (1) will also affect IDEs and 
other development tools which generate their own Derby policy files 
rather than relying on the default policy file supplied with the product.

I expect that item (2) will affect most Derby applications which run in 
client-server mode. I regard (2) as the fix to some serious bugs. Today 
any valid account on the server machine can bring down someone else's 
network server. In addition, anyone who shuts down the server via 
NetworkServerControl is essentially crashing the engine today. This is 
because credentials are not supplied to the connection which tries to 
shut down the engine; as a result, engine shutdown fails on a 
credentials check and the engine is forcibly crashed when the server 
later exits the VM. See 

Personally, I believe that the enhanced security and bug fixes provided 
by DERBY-2109 justify the backward-compatiblity issues.

Does anyone object to these incompatibilities?


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