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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ok to add optional timeout/sleep property for junit framework?
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 19:17:09 GMT
Myrna van Lunteren wrote:
>> Could this really be a bug, if the server doesn't start in over five
>> minutes, even on a slow machine?
>> Dan.
> I guess it could be...But, wouldn't it just never come up, then?

No idea, that's the definition of a bug, unexpected/unexplained 
behaviour. :-)

DERBY-2616 indicates the problem in a slow starting server might be due 
to the tcp/ip state TIMED_WAIT. However the fix there was just to 
increase the default wait time (which actually makes the tests run 
slower). If TIMED_WAIT is the problem then tcp/ip and the Java Socket 
api provides ways to get around it. Using the Socket.setReuseAddress() 
call and SocketSessionConfig.setReuseAddress().

Maybe the real fix to this issue is to use setReuseAddress() in some 
way, maybe one or a combination of:

   - provide a property to configure setReuseAddress for the server
   - set that property in the decorator that starts the network server
   - always set setReuseAddress(true) for localhost (unlikely to lose 
network packets talking to localhost)
   - always set setReuseAddress(true) (possibly a bad idea since 
TIMED_WAIT is there for a reason but I haven't looked in enough detail)
E.g. http://osflash.org/pipermail/red5devs_osflash.org/2007-May/002857.html

DERBY-1966 indicates there does seem to be a bug if some network server 
resources are held onto after the server is shutdown.

> The problem I see isn't with just starting network server, but more
> with running the tests...
> And I could get the test to pass when I increased both sleep and wait time...
> Actually, it seemed to me on the one machine I'm currently thinking
> of, it was more the shutting down that took a very long time...It
> appears to me on this machine deleting of files takes especially long,
> could that be related?

Do the tests have some time based wait for the shutdown? I thought it 
was only for the server start, can you specify which values you want to 
make into properties.


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