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From Frank Griffin <...@roadrunner.com>
Subject Design Question
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 17:09:27 GMT
Hi All,

I'm evaluating the extending of Derby for use as a JDBC access path to a
non-SQL data engine.  Conceptually, what I need to do is a CREATE TABLE
which reflects the metadata of the result set which will be returned by
the non-SQL engine, and then intercept SELECT requests to this table,
and inject that result set.

I've been looking at the internals documentation on the project site and
wiki as well as the source code, but I can't quite get my hands around
the proper way to do this.  Judging by class names, the Virtual Table
Interface seems like a likely candidate, but I can't seem to locate any
explicit use of it.  Another thought was to provide a new implementation
of Conglomerate, but again, I'm having a difficult time in the source
code locating exactly where this would be plugged in.

Could you please advise as to the "best" way to do something like this,
and point me to the areas of the source code involved ?

Thanks in advance,
Frank Griffin

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