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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Please take a look at the release notes for
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 13:39:32 GMT
John Embretsen wrote:
> Kathey Marsden wrote:
>> I just checked in the release notes and changes files for the 
>>  One thing I noticed is that none of the issues have 
>> release notes.  Please let me know right away if any issues are 
>> missing, release notes are needed or you see any other problems with 
>> the release notes.
> One minor thing: Under "Build Environment" it says that
> "J2ME support was built using IBM J9 - VM for the Java(TM) platform, 
> Version 2.3"
> Is this a 100% correct and valid statement? I thought the same javac 
> was used for Java ME as for J2SE 1.4 code, just with a different 
> classpath based on the value of jsr169compile.classpath in 
> ant.properties. This classpath probably included classes obtained from 
> an installation of that VM, though, so the statement is not entirely 
> incorrect either.
> This is not something that should delay a release, I just wanted to 
> have a clear understanding of what this statement actually means...
Hi John,

This is largely the wording which was used in the last 3 releases. You 
are right that it would be more clear if it said something like "J2ME 
support was built using libraries from IBM J9 ..." We should sand this 
down in 10.4.


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