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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: question about java/testing/org/apache/derby/build.xml file
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 22:26:49 GMT
Hi Kathey,

I think that we do indeed want to make this change. However, currently 
we don't require that you set java15compile.classpath. It is set 
automatically only if you include "autosetProps=on" in your 
ant.properties. This is the trajectory I thought we were on:

1) Continue to collect improvements to the PropertySetter, which was 
checked in today as part of DERBY-3117 and which we have been discussing 
in the thread titled "Automatic setting of compiler classpath properties 
at build time"

2) After we finish collecting improvements, make "autosetProps=on" the 

3) Then we can count on java15compiler.classpath being set and we can 
make the change you propose.

You can, of course, require that everyone set java15compiler.classpath 
in their ant.properties now. If you do that, please make the build smart 
enough to complain if java15compiler.classpath is not set and give the 
user instructions for how to fix their build. I think that the 
trajectory we are on will break the build for fewer people.


Kathey Marsden wrote:
> I java/testing/org/apache/derby/build.xml we have the comment:
>                <!-- Fix this to use the Java SE 5 classpath -->
>                <pathelement path="${java16compile.classpath}"/>
> but it uses java16compile.classpath. I found that this causes my build 
> to fail  using IBM 1.6 jdk. Is there any reason not to change it to 
> use ${java15compile.classpath} ?
> Thanks
> Kathey
> below is a larger excerpt:
>  <!-- Compile package private tests. -->
>    <target name="compile">
>        <mkdir dir="${out.pptesting.dir}"/>
>        <javac
>            source="1.5"
>            target="1.5"
>            fork="yes"
>            bootclasspath="${empty}"
>            nowarn="on"
>            debug="true"
>            depend="${depend}"
>            deprecation="${deprecation}"
>            optimize="${optimize}"
>            proceed="${proceed}"
>            verbose="${verbose}"
>            srcdir="${derby.testing.src.dir}"
>            destdir="${out.pptesting.dir}">
>            <classpath>
>                <!-- Fix this to use the Java SE 5 classpath -->
>                <pathelement path="${java16compile.classpath}"/>
>                <pathelement path="${junit}"/>
>                <pathelement path="${out.dir}"/>
>            </classpath>
>            <!-- Can't rely on just compiling PackagePrivateTestSuite, 
> as ant
>                 won't check the timestamp on the other Java files to 
> determine
>                 if they have been changed since last compile then. -->
>            <include name="org/apache/derby/**/*java"/>
>        </javac>
>    </target>

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