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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: advice sought: introduction of new system table on trunk
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 14:57:53 GMT
Dag H. Wanvik wrote:
> In the roles work I am introducing a new catalog, SYS.SYSROLES.
> I am considering impacts of committing new the code to trunk and would
> appreciate some advice.
> - In the event that the roles feature is not ready for 10.4, it would
>   need to be backed out, which could cause some turbulence in a
>   release end-game. Is this an acceptable risk, or should a new
>   feature which introduces a new catalog be on its own branch until it
>   is ready (with the ensuing merge pains) ?
>   I would prefer to stay on trunk, but realize there is a potential
>   downside if the feature is not ready in time..
> - When committing the patch for DERBY-3137, until I include hard
>   upgrade code to add the new catalogue, an upgraded database will
>   lack the new catalog and fail whenever a role related statement or
>   expression is used ERROR XSAI2: The conglomerate (-1) requested does
>   not exist. Some tests which are sensitive to the number of catalogs
>   would also fail when run against an upgraded database for the same
>   reason.
>   In the spirit of incremental development, is it OK to check in the
>   new catalog code (hard upgrade doesn't break; it just doesn't do all
>   it is supposed to do yet), or should I wait until I have a patch
>   that handles the upgrade as well?

Hello Dag,

A bit on the sideline of your request, but do you know if your system 
table(s) fulfill the requirements specified by the SQL standard for 
"Definition and Information Schemas"?

I just thought it could be good to think a little about it, so we can 
choose to implement the Information Schema at a later time.

The "standards business" is a bit mysterious to me, but the document I 
refer to should be uniquely identified by this:
INCITS/ISO/IEC 9075-11-2003
Information technology - Database languages - SQL - Part 11: Information 
and Definition Schemas (SQL/Schemata)

Seems the tables/views are defined by SQL queries, so it should be 
reasonably easy to do a quick first assessment of whether we have the 
required information handy or not.


> Thanks,
> Dag

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