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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Can't run Derby 10.3 on CDC platform
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 20:29:05 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> I am able to run Derby 10.2 on the phoneME implementation of the CDC 
>>> platform. That is, using Derby 10.2 on that platform, I am able to 
>>> successfully create a database and query the system tables. So far so 
>>> good.
>>> However, when I run the same experiment with Derby 10.3, the database 
>>> fails to boot because it can't find an appropriate DataValueFactory. 
>>> This is true whether I use the Derby 10.3 jars, current jars built 
>>> from the mainline, or the classtree built from the mainline. I would 
>>> appreciate clues about what changed in 10.3 which would cause this 
>>> behavior.
>> Derby 10.3 only supports CDC/Foundation 1.1, whereas 10.2 supports 
>> CDC/Foundation 1.0. Could you be seeing the effect of that?
>> Dan.
> Thanks Dan and Knut. The download site claims that the CDC vm and 
> libraries are at rev level 1.1.2. Looking inside the CDC jars, I can see 
> BigDecimal, which I thought was one of the changes introduced by 1.1.

Do you have the Foundation profile, it's just that your e-mails only 
mention CDC?

Can you run sysinfo and see what version Derby thinks the JVM 
environment is? Look for the first line after Derby Information:

--------- Derby Information --------
JRE - JDBC: J2SE 5.0 - JDBC 3.0


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