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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Problems with release note generator
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 19:59:28 GMT
Kathey Marsden wrote:
> Well, I found my problem, The issue was that my release version  did 
> not match the fix version in the fixedBugsList.xml.  I am not sure the 
> best way to address this.  There are three options I can think of.
> 1) Change the release note generator to ignore the version in the 
> fixedBugsList.xml file.
> 2) Merge version to when we bump the version so that 
> there is a match.
> 3) Mark issues fixed in also fixed in
> I tend to think option 1 makes the most sense. Since the user is 
> already generating the list of fixed bugs from a query in Jira. Thoughts?
> Kathey
Hi Kathey,

It appears that the 10.3 version of the ReleaseNotesGenerator has 
diverged from the version in the development mainline. The mainline 
version does something very simple: it just includes all of the bug 
fixes from the report which you produced. That is, it assumes that your 
jira query did all the necessary filtering. The 10.3 version takes 
another approach. The 10.3 version filters the jira report. I think the 
motivation behind this was that jira filtering wasn't competent enough 
to produce just the list of bugs we want to describe.

It would be nice to steer toward the following goals:

1) A canonical jira query which can be cooked up just from the current 
and previous release ids. If we had such a query, then the 
ReleaseNotesGenerator could build this query itself and you would not 
need to produce the bugs list by hand.

2) A clear understanding of what additional filtering is done by the 
ReleaseNotesGenerator on the canonical jira report.

Right now the division of labor between (1) and (2) is unclear to me. It 
seems to me that right now each release manager has to figure out what 
query to use for (1) and then has to adjust (2) accordingly.

Your solution to your immediate problem is probably correct. It's hard 
for anyone else to say because we don't know what query you used to 
produce (1). I would say do what makes sense to you and fold your edits 
into the 10.3 version. Maybe when we come to 10.4 we can transfer the 
10.3 lessons into the mainline version of ReleaseNotesGenerator and 
steer closer to our goals.

Hope this is helpful,

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