I am trying to create a database side procedure(procedure will be created when the database is created) but the input parameter needs to be an object of some class X that I have. I tried to d that and for the arg type,I specified "

TypeDescriptor[] arg_types = {




Where Table is the nam eof the Java class who object I will be passing in when calling the store dprocedure.

But when issuing the preareCall(), I get a null pointer execpetion in

TypeId typeId = TypeId.getBuiltInTypeId(td.getJDBCTypeId());

in resolveRoutine().

I thought we are allowed to pass in Java objects to stored procedures but the getBuiltInTypeId returns null since it does include the JAVA_OBJECT type id.

Can we create and call java store dprocedures which can take in objects of a class?

if so, can someone help with what I maybemissing here.