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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject building j2me support in Derby
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 14:55:11 GMT
Right now, we need 2 jar files in order to build the small device 
support into Derby. Let me give them the following names:

1) foundation.jar

These are the pared-back versions of the core jdk classes in packages 
like  java.lang, java.util, etc.

2) jsr169.jar

These are the pared-back versions of the java.sql and javax.sql classes 
needed to implement jsr 169, the small device version of the JDBC api.

Getting these jarballs is time-consuming and requires clicking through 
licenses. For these reasons, the small device support is an optional 
part of the Derby build. It would be good if we could eliminate this 
time-consuming, license-encumbered step so that the standard Derby build 
always compiled the small device support.

I can knock on doors here at Sun to see if I can get Derby versions of 
these jarballs which are licensed for inclusion in our subversion 
repository and usable by Derby's build process. I can't promise that 
I'll succeed but I'm willing to try. Before I do this, I would like to 
hear the community's advice:

A) Would it be sufficient to get versions which are licensed for use in 
the Derby build but not for commercial use? Would that satisfy the AS IS 
nature of our Apache license?

B) Are there other ideas about how we could get Derby unencumbered 
jarballs so that we always build the small device support?


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