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From Julius Stroffek <Julius.Strof...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby Workbench or other GUI
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 14:05:09 GMT
Hi Mac,

which version of netbeans are you using? There is a lot of development 
happening in netbeans regarding database tools. If you are missing some 
features I would guess that netbeans people would be interested to hear 
your opinion.

However, it is nice to hear that you like that stuff, this is not the 
right list to help you. Try nbusers@netbeans.org or dev@db.netbeans.org 
to find the right guys.



Siamak Sarmady wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently I was able to test Netbeans' JavaDB (derby) GUI tools and I
> should say it was a very enjoyable experience. But I also had some
> problems.
> - I normally create the database directory inside my program's
> directory and then use embedded driver to connect it.
> - Netbeans creates its directory in a specific place and it is
> difficult to change it to your own directory and back to its initial
> one every time. (to be able to manage several databases)
> - I want it to be able to manage different derby directories easily
> (in addition be able to manage/connect a databases using socket and
> TCP).
> Now, is there a GUI available which does all these things?
> If not then I might be interested in a project to build such a thing
> (like Netbeans' JavaDB interface but as a separate application which
> also handles mentioned issues easily).
> I appreciate if you can give me feedback on this.
> Regards,
> Mac

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