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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Question on derby benchmarks.
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 17:01:08 GMT
Paulo Jesus wrote:
> I have developed some code on engine of Derby ver 10.2.2. Is part of
> larger project GAPI from GORDA project,  (support for replication
> services),  that uses embedded code. The project was not ported to ver
> 10.3 yet.
> I putted these question on list Derby-users but, after short talk
> here,  i think maybe is best here.
> I wonder what benchmarks have been in use by the Derby team. TPC-B?
> And were can i find the source of those tests.

Olav from Sun seems to have a TPC-B like benchmark using Derby but I 
don't believe the source is available.


The Derby codeline has an almost complete implementation of a TPC-C like 
benchmark called "Order Entry". It follows the TPC-C spec for the 
transaction implementation and data loading but is not claiming to be a 
compliant TPC-C. The idea is that is can be used as a base for 
performance testing, system testing etc. One could implement the logical 
function of the TPC-C transactions differently to evaluate performance 
of certain Derby features, e.g. by using identity columns for new order 
number instead of the method prescribed in the TPC-C spec.

The code is under


It has the code to load a database and the business transactions 
implemented in one simple form. I just added a class that supports 
submitting transactions, which is partially implemented.

Feel free to get involved and improve it.

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