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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject [RESULT] [VOTE] Øystein Grøvlen as a committer
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 13:46:09 GMT
The polls have closed. By unanimous consent and 10 binding PMC votes,  
Øystein is Derby's newest committer. Congratulations, Øystein!

Here were the +1's (no other votes were cast):

V. Narayanan
Knut Anders Hatlen (PMC)
Jørgen Løland
Olav Sandstaa
John Embretsen
Rick Hillegas (PMC)
Jullius Stroffek
Thomas Nielsen
Mayuresh Nirhali
Vemund Ostgaard
Tomohito Nakayama (PMC)
Lance Andersen
Jean Anderson (PMC)
Bryan Pendleton (PMC)
Kristian Waagan
Craig Russell (PMC)
Kim Haase
Army Brown
Manjula Kutty
Mamta Satoor
Henri van de Scheur
Ole Solberg
Laura Stewart
Andrew McIntyre (PMC)
Dan Debrunner (PMC)
Bernt Johnsen (PMC)
Dag Wanvik
Kathey Marsden (PMC)
Stan Bradbury

Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Please vote on whether we should make Øystein Grøvlen a committer. The 
> vote will close at 5:00 pm San Francisco time on Tuesday August 28.
> Since 2005, Øystein has been submitting patches, fielding questions on 
> the Derby mailing lists, and mentoring student contributions. He 
> contributed heavily to the LOB improvements in the new 
> release of Derby. His patches include the following:
> DERBY-230        "Schema already exists" when creating a table
> DERBY-298        rollforward will not work correctly if the system 
> happens to crash immediately after rollforward backup.
> DERBY-555        Unable to restart after disk is full
> DERBY-1691       jdbcapi/blobclob4BLOB.java fails under DerbyNet 
> framework with JCC 2.6
> DERBY-1893       Convert largedata/lobLengthTests.java to junit
> DERBY-2100       Convert derbynet/prepStmt.java to Junit
> DERBY-2102       JDBC.assertFullResultSet should handle byte arrays
> DERBY-2347       Add code to support request and return of locators 
> over DRDA
> DERBY-2495       Create framework for calling locator related stored 
> procedures from client
> DERBY-2496       Implement Blob support for Locators
> DERBY-2519       Clean-up in BlobClob4BlobTest
> DERBY-2540       Restructure code for Blob/Clob length in client to 
> prepare for locator implementation
> DERBY-2695       Add locator support of soft upgrade to 10.3
> DERBY-2770       testBlobAfterCommit(....jdbcapi.BlobClob4BlobTest) 
> fails with 'Unexpected SQL state. expected:<XJ[073]> but was:<XJ[215]>'
> DERBY-2789       DatabaseMetaData .locatorsUpdateCopy() should return 
> true
> I would add the following:
> 1) His knowledge of the Derby codeline is extensive.
> 2) His knowledge of our relevant standards (SQL and JDBC) is extensive.
> 3) The quality of his code is outstanding.
> 4) His interaction with the community is polite, helpful, and generous.
> Regards,
> -Rick

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