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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Øystein Grøvlen as a committer
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 23:51:23 GMT

Glad I got back from vacation in time to vote - good work Øystein
Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Please vote on whether we should make Øystein Grøvlen a committer. The 
> vote will close at 5:00 pm San Francisco time on Tuesday August 28.
> Since 2005, Øystein has been submitting patches, fielding questions on 
> the Derby mailing lists, and mentoring student contributions. He 
> contributed heavily to the LOB improvements in the new 
> release of Derby. His patches include the following:
> DERBY-230        "Schema already exists" when creating a table
> DERBY-298        rollforward will not work correctly if the system 
> happens to crash immediately after rollforward backup.
> DERBY-555        Unable to restart after disk is full
> DERBY-1691       jdbcapi/blobclob4BLOB.java fails under DerbyNet 
> framework with JCC 2.6
> DERBY-1893       Convert largedata/lobLengthTests.java to junit
> DERBY-2100       Convert derbynet/prepStmt.java to Junit
> DERBY-2102       JDBC.assertFullResultSet should handle byte arrays
> DERBY-2347       Add code to support request and return of locators 
> over DRDA
> DERBY-2495       Create framework for calling locator related stored 
> procedures from client
> DERBY-2496       Implement Blob support for Locators
> DERBY-2519       Clean-up in BlobClob4BlobTest
> DERBY-2540       Restructure code for Blob/Clob length in client to 
> prepare for locator implementation
> DERBY-2695       Add locator support of soft upgrade to 10.3
> DERBY-2770       testBlobAfterCommit(....jdbcapi.BlobClob4BlobTest) 
> fails with 'Unexpected SQL state. expected:<XJ[073]> but was:<XJ[215]>'
> DERBY-2789       DatabaseMetaData .locatorsUpdateCopy() should return 
> true
> I would add the following:
> 1) His knowledge of the Derby codeline is extensive.
> 2) His knowledge of our relevant standards (SQL and JDBC) is extensive.
> 3) The quality of his code is outstanding.
> 4) His interaction with the community is polite, helpful, and generous.
> Regards,
> -Rick

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