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I have more of a junit framework question for this particular test(for DERBY-1706) change. This test in the non-junit test framework made sure that it was executed before anyone physically created the SESSION schema. The reason for that is we wanted to make sure that if the SESSION schema didn't exist, we should be able to create a table inside that schema and that table creation should automatically create SESSION schema. Just like what would happen for any other user schema.
Now in the junit framework, there is no way (I could be wrong) to ensure that this test fixture (ie the test for DERBY-1706) gets run before other test fixtures and hence it is possible that the SESSION schema has already been created by other test fixtures by the time this particular test fixture gets called and hence we won't really be testing what the original test intended to run. I guess one way would be drop the SESSION schema at the beginning of this test fixture and then run rest of the code in this test fixture. This will not test exactly what the original test was testing but will be close enough.
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On 7/2/07, Ravinder Reddy <pandiri@students.iiit.ac.in> wrote:

               I am converting lang/declareGlobalTempTableJava.java to junit.
One of the tests test the Derby1706 which was handled by You.
plzz look at the fixture and let me know If I am going something wrong.

public void testDerby1706() throws SQLException {
               Statement s = createStatement();
               s.executeUpdate("set schema SESSION");
                       s.executeUpdate("create table DERBY1706(c11 int)");
               catch(SQLException e){
                       assertFalse( "XJ001" == e.getSQLState());
                s.executeUpdate("drop table DERBY1706");
                s.executeUpdate("set schema APP");
                s.executeUpdate("drop schema SESSION restrict");


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