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From "Mamta Satoor" <msat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: again, another 10.3.1. release candidate?
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 21:44:18 GMT
Myrna, I have run critical tests on my 10.3 codeline after merge and things
are running fine so far. I will go ahead and back port my changes into
10.3codeline because I will be gone for the rest of the evening and in
case we
decide to cut a 10.3.1.x branch before that. I will tackle the metadata
upgrade issue only if it turns out that my changes will not make into


On 7/18/07, Myrna van Lunteren <m.v.lunteren@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> There was a discussion ensuing from DERBY-2896, which I think should
> be a general discussion item, following mamta's check-in for a fix for
> that critical issue.
> Knut Anders Wrote:
> > >The changes in metadata.properties will not be picked up when you
> upgrade from 10.3.1.x to 10.3.2.x.
> >
> Kathey replied:
> > This filed as DERBY-1107 and I think is a good reason to have a new
> release candidate.  I think other critical issues such as DERBY-2437 and the
> regression DERBY-2892 might be worth waiting for too if they can be fixed in
> short order.  I wouldn't veto a release at this point but would probably
> vote -0.
> It seems to me that even though Kathey doesn't want to hold up the
> release, she really doesn't want a release without this fix.
> Which to me sounds like a new release candidate, which, as we've got a
> vote outstanding, means holding up the release. :-)
> But Kathey's email poses some options
> 1. I can do a fairly quick turn-around and make another release
> candidate after Mamta backports the fix to 10.3 . If I can build the
> files tonight or tomorrow morning early, I can test, and call a vote
> around noon, that would give us until July 26th noon (PDT) and I could
> maybe still close the vote and hope that the maven work and web page
> work can be finished on that day, or leave it to Rick to do that part
> once he's back the week after.
> 2. We can wait until someone fixes DERBY-2892 for 10.3. I have not
> heard anything positive, nor a time frame for such a fix. If a fix
> happens before the 26th, I can generate new build files and open the
> voting, but someone else (Rick when he's back form
> vacation/conference?) will have to finish up the work for this
> release.
> 3. We can wait even further until other critical issues such as
> DERBY-2437 are fixed. I want to point out, that no has volunteered to
> own that one at this point, so we might be waiting indefinitely. I
> can, as I have suggested before, pick up the release work in
> September, and we can see how far the fixes are then. Or someone else
> can volunteer.
> Kathey, please be explicit, which 'other' issues except DERBY-2437 do
> you think are necessary to receive a fix?
> Myrna

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