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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject release notes generating & jira practices
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 14:30:20 GMT

To continue a discussion in the following thread:

Should we have some extra flags to facilitate the release note
generation process?
I'm thinking of:

- mention in release notes
- mention in changes.html
- release note attached
  (to replace 'release note needed' which is a little ambiguous; it
can be taken as to mean a release note.html file needs to be attached
to the issue).

And then for the release notes, I like the idea of just ignoring any
issue that does not have the previous release in the 'affects' field.

Issues that have no actual change connected to them should not get
marked in the changes.html; all others should.

Any issues that should get listed in the release notes in the 'new
feature' section should in fact be marked as new feature.

(And then we need to modify the releasenotesGenerator to handle the
issues like above).

I think the releaseNotesGenerator also needs to get improved to handle
a range of versions (release candidates).

And I think we should indeed leave it to the people deciding an issue
needs to be mentioned in the release notes/changes to ensure the title
is appropriate.


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