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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: again, another 10.3.1. release candidate?
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 21:04:42 GMT
I've read the emails on this thread carefully...

I agree that the fix for 2896 should be in, considering that if we
make a release without it, more work is needed for future releases.
So, I need to roll a new release.
I marked it blocker, and resolved it based on Mamta and Kathey's info
in the issue, as fixed in 10.4 and

However, although I understand the input from Kathey and Mamta
regarding Kathey's incomplete testing of the collation functionality,
I am thinking of not waiting for Monday, because:
 - none of the current issues is marked blocker for 10.3.1
 - if I call a new vote for a release today, I can still round up most
release work by July 26, and Henri can still finish up the testing.
 - re individual issues mentioned by Kathey:
   - DERBY-2905; yes it's a regression, but it was a regression from
10.1 to 10.3, not from 10.2 to 10.3, and no one has signed up to work
on it.
   - Ramin may be close to a fix for DERBY-2925: which would fix DERBY-2437;
     Dag has voiced concern about the proposed solution. I think while
that discussion is going on we should not implement the proposed fix.
This issue, although of concern, again, is not marked as blocker nor a
regression in the strictest sense.
    - analysis of DERBY-2656 can be finished by Monday.
    If your analysis finds further blocker issues, and they get fixed,
we can roll (yet) another release candidate, and then definitely
someone else will have to put the finishing touches on.


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