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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-2847) More clarification issues for the release notes.
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2007 12:49:43 GMT
On 7/6/07, Daniel John Debrunner (JIRA) <jira@apache.org> wrote:
> What's the ant target to build the release notes [...]

See: http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/ReleaseNoteProcess#head-1562c977bce7878313b51f6e55a9856bc2b09801

The step that's currently  most troublesome is to generate the reports
out of JIRA.
part of it can be accomplished by:
java org.apache.derbyBuild.JiraConnector
(But this gives everything, and I've modified the release notes
generator to strip out test issues, for example.)
Theoretically, this could be one step...

> [...](and the one to build a complete release)?
Assuming you've got the maintversion.properties(for the version
number) and release notes in order (or don't care about them):
- build the docs or get them from the apache derby site
- copy tools/ant/properties/packaging.tmpl to
tools/ant/properties/packaging.properties and set the location for the
docs; set your md5 executable preferences
- comment out any sane settings in your ant.properties
- follow the steps currently in the 2nd step 7 of :
  svn up
  ant clobber
  rm -rf jars javadoc snapshot  # really clean
  rm tools/release/*.zip tools/release/*.tar.gz  # really,
  rm tools/release/*.md5 tools/release/*.asc     # really clean
  ant sane ; ant all ; ant buildjars   # for lib-debug
  ant clobber
  ant insane
  ant -Dsane=false snapshot
  ant publishedapi
  cd tools/release
  ant release
(for actually creating a full release this needs to be followed by ant
sign and then one still needs to build the ui and doc plugins using

Most of these except the ant sign and eclipse plugin generation can be
put in one ant target but as it should stop when any of the steps
fail, or when sane is set in ant.properties, or the docs are not set,
or md5 doesn't work, or...(?) and probably should be made to build the
docs if it can figure out the source location it needs a little more
work than I'm currently willing to put into it. This is DERBY-2573.
It's on my radar for after the release, just as DERBY-2572, 2574,
2575. I have no plans for 2571 although it fits in this list.


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