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From "Aakash Bordia" <bor...@gmail.com>
Subject predicates missing from the optimized tree dump
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 21:19:16 GMT
Hi, I was playing around with the
derby.debug.true=DumpOptimizedTreeproperty to see the optimized tree
in the
derby.log file. I found out that for a query like:
select * from  t1,t2 where  t1.c1=t2.c1;
the tree never outputs the predicate in the where clause. To workaround this
I added the printSubNodes method in FromBaseTable class like this:

 public void printSubNodes(int depth)
  if (SanityManager.DEBUG)

   if (restrictionList != null)
    printLabel(depth, "restrictionList: ");

There are several other members like nonStoreRestrictionList,
requalificationRestrictionList etc. which I do not necessarily understand,
but they are not outputted either.

I want to understand if this was intentionally left this way so that the
output does not become too long or is this something that is missing(I would
assume atleast the predicates to be dumped out).

Thanks ,Aakash

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