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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: "expected" regression test failures are back again in the trunk - are people actively working on it - would be nice to have a clean tinderbox run.
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 17:53:44 GMT
Mike Matrigali wrote:
> I believe it is a bad state for all developers when the nightly 
> regression tests are failing.  I understand intermittent errors, and
> maybe even one off environment errors.  But it would be nice if we
> tried really hard to at least have the tinderbox runs be clean, we
> were there for a few months but looks like with all the work on 10.3
> the trunk has back stepped a bit.  For those experienced it may not
> be much work to look at the diff and say "oh, that is the one that is
> ok to ignore", but for new developers I think it sets the wrong 
> expectation that it is ok to check in and cause regressions.
> I believe active work is taking place trying to resolve the junit errors
> for DERBY-2925, so it is probably reasonable to allow that work to
> continue rather than backing out the change.
> What about DERBY-2916, the issue with the wisconsin test.  Best I can
> determine some people looked at it briefly when the change that broke
> it went in 3 weeks ago.  Is anyone actively looking at it?
> Should we:
> o leave it as is and cause diff pain across many platforms and 
> developers.
> o back out the change
> o change the master given that best guess by those that looked at it 
> think that it is ok (Given the discussion in the bug this is what I
> am leaning toward unless someone with expertise thinks that is a bad
> idea).
> o stop running the test until someone can look at the bug?
> o Also what is the right JIRA settings, I sort of agree that the issue
>   may be minor but since it is causing all developers running tests
>   pain I would like to raise it somehow.  Would raising the urgency on
>   regression test failures to blocker or urgent be appropriate?
This would be a new use for the Urgency field. It mostly surfaces as a 
gating flag at release time.

Just as a reference, here's a pointer to a discussion last year about 
JIRA fields: 

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