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From Ole Gunnar Borstad <oleg...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Proposal: default property file
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:28:13 GMT
I am working on management and monitoring of Derby through JMX, and  
viewing and modifying Derby properties has proven to be complicated.  
The problem is that there is no interface to properties when they have  
*default* values (this goes for both system- and database-wide  
properties). PropertyUtil returns null-values for system-wide, and the  
system procedure SYSCS_GET_DATABASE_PROPERTY returns null-values for  

System properties are only accessible if set explicitly by the user  
(code/command line or derby.properties). Database properties are only  
accessible if set through the system procedure  

What if we put all default property settings in a default property  
file? Derby could read this file and load the default properties,  
before it continues with derby.properties (if the user specified one)  
and overwrites the previously read properties. Alternatively,  
derby.properties could be built automatically with default properties  
(including database-wide properties). The user could then make changes  
to this file.

Currently, anyone who wishes to explore default properties have to  
read Derby documentation. The proposed change gives a clean interface  
to Derby properties, which easily enables management. A management  
feature will query the properties in a uniform manner, default values  
or not. I believe this would benefit the usability of Derby, and of  
course make management and monitoring much easier.

I hope to start a discussion on this.

Ole Gunnar

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