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From Ravinder Reddy <pand...@students.iiit.ac.in>
Subject Regarding DERBY-2750
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 23:00:44 GMT

 		I am Exploring lang/declareGlobalTempTableJava.java for converting into junit.

I)      I think It misses some tests

         a) If a Statement that performs an insert , update or delete to the temporary table
 	    encounter an error , all the rows of the table are deleted.
 		        "There is no test for this"
         b) CREATE TRIGGER and CREATE SYNONYM not allowed on SESSION schema tables.
 	   (including phisical tables).
 		        "There is no test for this"
         	The tests relating to the TRIGGER are commented.what does it mean.?
             Does it mean that TRIGGERS are allowed on SESSION schema tables(now).?
 	    If not why they are commented.?

         c) Temporary Tables can't be specified in REVOKE and GRANT Statements.
 		        "There is no test for this"
         d)Importing into temporary tables and caching statements that reference SESSION schema
 	  tables also don't have tests.

 	Should I include the tests in my fixture are just convert the old tests.

II)     There are some positive and negative tests for the DECLARE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE
 	statement.I think some of these are Sysnctic tests as opposed to behaviour tests
 	(that we concern about).
 		Can somebody justify the inclusion of these tests in testcases.?
         Eg: There is a test for
 	I think this is slearly a syntax error and compiler will report it.

III) 	   In the process of converting this class to junit , As a first step, I listed all
 	the tests that I planned to write.It turned out to be a huge number(50-60).
 	   Can a test fixture include these many(around 60) tests.Will we there be
         any performance degradations if all these tets are executed as one suite.?

 				Thank U


    Every problem that has been solved can be solved again in a better way

                                                   - Ravinder Reddy


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