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From "David Van Couvering" <da...@vancouvering.com>
Subject Re: NetBeans project metadata into Derby?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:14:44 GMT
I don't know about the guaranteed compatibility between major
versions, but I did notice that I could open a project in NB 5.5 that
I created in NB 6, so things look pretty stable.  But you're right,
that's a concern.  I'll ask around and see if I can find out how
that's addressed, and get back to this list.

All local changes are stored in a directory called 'private'.  If you
svn:ignore this directory, then what gets checked in is fully portable
across user environments.

The entire NetBeans code base is a series of modules, with each module
being its own separate NB project.  In all these cases the NB project
is checked into cvs, and I have been quite successful in opening these


On 6/27/07, Knut Anders Hatlen <Knut.Hatlen@sun.com> wrote:
> David Van Couvering <david@vancouvering.com> writes:
> > Having worked in NetBeans for a while, I have noticed that many code
> > bases are checked in with an associated NetBeans project
> > directory. This allows NetBeans users to quickly open up the project
> > and start using it within NetBeans.
> >
> > I was thinking of doing the same thing for Derby.  I am regularly
> > having to create the NetBeans project (each time I do a fresh pull or
> > am working in a separate sandbox).
> >
> > Are there any reasons why this is not kosher?
> Does the project file format change between NetBeans versions? If it
> does, it could cause problems if developers use different versions.
> What about local changes to the project file? If a developer is not
> happy with the settings in the checked-in project file and customizes
> it, she always gets extra output from "svn diff" and "svn stat" and
> would have to edit the diffs before submitting them. Or are the project
> files fairly static?
> Another related matter I have been thinking about, is whether it would
> be OK to add the names of common project files and/or tag files to the
> svn:ignore property. I find it a bit annoying that they keep showing up
> when I run "svn stat" (yes, I know about "svn stat -q", but it also
> hides files I have added and forgotten to run "svn add" on).
> --
> Knut Anders

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