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From Vemund Ostgaard <Vemund.Ostga...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Derby metrics
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 13:47:54 GMT
Kathey Marsden wrote:
> Vemund Ostgaard wrote:
>> Did you plan to do this as a one shot exercise or did you want to do 
>> it periodically, like daily or weekly? I think weekly numbers would 
>> be good, would be often enough and might mask uninteresting 
>> fluctuations that you might see if producing daily numbers.
> I plan to gather some snapshot metrics now and post them. Ultimately, 
> It would be great to have an automatted way to get  weekly or 
> on-demand numbers.    I thought first we get an idea on the list of 
> what metrics would be useful, then we make a Wiki page with  what is 
> needed,  and then folks can post snapshot numbers and perhaps automate.
> Hope you will be interested in doing some of this work.
I dug up this thread which is a year old, as I've been thinking a little 
more about metrics and a possible framework for storing and presenting them.

What I've been thinking about is to have a (Derby) database to store the 
metrics in, and a (web)interface that would allow users to select which 
metric to view with various configuration options and then get the 
result presented as a graph/chart/table of any type that the framework 
could support. The type of configuration that should be possible at 
least would be to select which parameters to plot as x and y, being able 
to plot just a range of the data, being able to filter the data based on 
the parameters that are not selected as x or y, being able to sort the 
data ascending or descending, and probably some aggregation 
functionality (sum, average, etc.). The framework would have to treat 
data stored as strings, numbers, dates, etc. differently and give the 
user appropriate options when doing selections, ranges, etc. When the 
user has selected what he wants plotted, the interface should create an 
URL for the graph/presentation that can be stored and referred to later 
to go directly to the same presentation without having to repeat all the 

The datasets could be extracted in various ways from Jira, static 
analysis of the code, testresults, performance measurements, etc. and 
entered into the database by anyone with the right access. Getting the 
metrics into the database would be specific for Derby so no existing 
tools are likely to do exactly that.

What I am hoping though is that it would be possible to find some open 
source, preferably java-based, framework that could handle the other 
part of the job: reading the datasets from the database (through JDBC) 
and creating graphs and plots based on user configuration. I've looked a 
little around and see that there are quite a few open frameworks that 
can handle the plotting part but I am still looking for something that 
is open source and also handles the configuration part.

If anyone have any suggestions for tools/frameworks to look at, or any 
other feedback or thoughts on this, please share.


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