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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Regarding DERBY-2750
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 17:08:21 GMT
Ravinder Reddy wrote:
>     hi,
>         I am Exploring lang/declareGlobalTempTableJava.java for 
> converting into junit.
> I)      I think It misses some tests
>         a) If a Statement that performs an insert , update or delete 
> to the temporary table
>         encounter an error , all the rows of the table are deleted.
>                 "There is no test for this"
>         b) CREATE TRIGGER and CREATE SYNONYM not allowed on SESSION 
> schema tables.
>        (including phisical tables).
>                 "There is no test for this"
>             The tests relating to the TRIGGER are commented.what does 
> it mean.?
>             Does it mean that TRIGGERS are allowed on SESSION schema 
> tables(now).?
>         If not why they are commented.?
I don't think triggers are allowed at least that is what the 
documentation says:
>         c) Temporary Tables can't be specified in REVOKE and GRANT 
> Statements.
>                 "There is no test for this"
>         d)Importing into temporary tables and caching statements that 
> reference SESSION schema
>       tables also don't have tests.
>     Should I include the tests in my fixture are just convert the old 
> tests.
More tests are always good.  You can choose whether to include them in 
your initial patch or add them after converting what is already there.
> II)     There are some positive and negative tests for the DECLARE 
>     statement.I think some of these are Sysnctic tests as opposed to 
> behaviour tests
>     (that we concern about).
>         Can somebody justify the inclusion of these tests in testcases.?
>         Eg: There is a test for
>     I think this is slearly a syntax error and compiler will report it.
I don't have a strong opinion about this.  I can only guess there was 
something tricky in the parser code and so this tested it.

> III)        In the process of converting this class to junit , As a 
> first step, I listed all
>     the tests that I planned to write.It turned out to be a huge 
> number(50-60).
>        Can a test fixture include these many(around 60) tests.Will we 
> there be
>         any performance degradations if all these tets are executed as 
> one suite.?
>                 Thank U
Normally you want to break the test up into multiple fixtures within one 
suite.  Fixtures can be a logical unit testing a certain functionality 
and include multiple assertions, but typically you would not just have 
one huge fixture.


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>                                                   - Ravinder Reddy
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