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From Kim Haase <Camilla.Ha...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Terminology question - are dblook, ij, and sysinfo Tools or Utilties?
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 20:42:46 GMT
In my experience, "tool" and "utility" are synonyms and can be used 
interchangeably. Of course, if we follow the elementary tech writing 
rule "Always use the same word to mean the same thing," we ought to 
choose one of them and use it consistently, but that may be too much to 
ask in community-generated docs. The merger of the GS and WWD books does 
give you a chance to do it right for these, though!

Which you use I think depends on whether you prefer Anglo-Saxon 
monosyllables or Latinate polysyllables.


Laura Stewart wrote:
> I'm trying to be accurate in the Derby documentation when discussing
> dblook, ij, and sysinfo.
> Are these "tools" or "utilities"?  Is there a difference between a
> "tool" and a "utility"?
> Should one term apply to all of these or should we use different terms
> depending on what it does?  For example, one of these simply dumps
> info to the screen (sysinfo). Is that different than opening up a mini
> application (ij)?
> I'd appreciate your options on the correct term to use to describe
> each of these.

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