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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject 10.3 release coming up...fast!
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 06:14:34 GMT

We have now about 7 days before the code complete date of 6/1/07!

I now want to talk about 3 things:

1. code complete 6/1
2. regression bugs
3. release testing

1. code complete 6/1
For those of you who plan to have functionality fixed/completed in
10.3, please analyze your progress, and let me know if you think you
will not make that date.
There are a few issues listed on the DerbyTenThreeRelease page that I
think it would make sense to possibly hold the release up for a couple
of days. Those are the ones listed as Big Features on

I went over the Small features and Non-functional improvements, and by
no means all are completed; yet changes have gone in. Does anyone have
a suggestion on how to handle this in release notes?

Then, the following bugs are marked for 10.3:

Looking over this list, I'm convinced not everyone will make it. In
fact, 5 items are still unassigned...Although it seems a few of those
are actively being worked on.
Please, everyone, look over the list and if
a. you see an issue you are working on and think will be fixed in
10.3, assign yourself
b.  you see an issue that you are assigned to and working on but will
*not* finish by 10.3, please remove the fix version.
c. you see an issue you are assigned to but are not working on,
unassign yourself.

If you have an item that is *not* on this list but you think needs to
be fixed in 10.3 and/or will be done by 6/1, please mark it 10.3 fix
version now.

2. regression bugs
The following regression bugs are logged against 10.3 at this point.
There are currently none marked as blockers; please go over the list
and if any of these look like a blocker for 10.3, please increase the

3. release testing
I've created a buddy testing page patterned after the 10.2 buddy testing page.:
Please sign up for buddy testing tasks.

In the next week I will make a platform testing page patterned after
the 10.2 page...


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