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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: norway specific failure in CollationTest2
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 23:07:54 GMT
I'm not familiar with that character.  It's definitely not a "standard" 
Norwegian character.  Whether or not it ever occurs in Norwegian as a 
borrowing from another language, I'm not sure.  The Norwegian alphabet 
includes ae digraph, o-with-a-diagonal-slash, and a-with-a-circle-on-top 
which sort after a-z in the order given.

I don't know how these characters are represented in unicode.  I also 
don't know if the multi-character equivalents of these characters should 
sort with them, because of the quirks Bernt mentioned in the spelling 

-- Michelle

Mike Matrigali wrote:
> Michelle Caisse wrote:
>> For a quick response, in Norwegian, a sequence of two 'a' characters 
>> is equivalent to a single 'a'-with-a-circle-on-top character. Maybe 
>> someone who both knows more about Norwegian and character sets can 
>> confirm  later.
>> -- Michelle
> Thanks, in my file what I am seeing is an 'o' with a tail on top-right
> Is that a valid norwegian character, and if so what is the
> proper unicode escape for it and where is it expected to sort with 
> regard to aa.
>> Mike Matrigali wrote:
>>> I'll try to figure out what is going on with the CollationTest2 test.
>>> I am not seeing it in my environment, and it does not seem to have
>>> shown up in any of the publically posted nightly regression tests.
>>> Can someone from Norway help, is it possible that 2 strings used in
>>> the test, are to be treated as equal in Norway?:
>>> "Wσgan" "Waagan"
>>> The first string contains an unfamilar character (to my english 
>>> environment - I am not sure my mailer will even handle it correctly) 
>>> as it's second letter, and I am wondering if I should have used a 
>>> unicode escape for the data
>>> instead.  See the data string in the runDerby2670()routine of the
>>> CollationTest2 test.
>>> Is there a chance that in norway aa is supposed to be treated
>>> as equal to the second letter in the first string listed?  If so then
>>> either order may be right, and the test is incorrectly testing for
>>> one order or the other.
>>> I tried to take the data from a donated test case and put it into
>>> the junit test.  It could be I messed something up on my side dealing
>>> with a non english character in some step of the way (file handling, 
>>> code sets, editor, ...).
>>> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>>> Julius Stroffek wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> When I ran junit tests now for trunk I get 17 errors and 70 
>>>>> failures of
>>>>> many different kinds.
>>>>> My junit console output with exceptions thrown is attached. 
>>>>> Probably it
>>>>> is something wrong with my test environment or so, but I have no idea
>>>>> what happened. Are there any issues with upgrade tests due to a new
>>>>> release? Probably this is not the case since these tests does not 
>>>>> fail
>>>>> in daily and tinderbox test runs.
>>>>> I always delete the contents of the current directory where I run 
>>>>> tests
>>>>> (which ends using as derby.system.home). I tried to checkout the 
>>>>> source
>>>>> again and start from a scratch but it does not helped.
>>>>> I run junit throught suites.All.
>>>> Hi Julo,
>>>> I saw tons of upgrade errors in tests which I ran yesterday. Those 
>>>> errors disappeared after I synced my client to the mainline this 
>>>> morning. Now I am seeing the error which you are seeing in 
>>>> CollationTest2. Otherwise, the tests run cleanly for me.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> -Rick

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