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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject norway specific failure in CollationTest2
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 22:03:04 GMT
I'll try to figure out what is going on with the CollationTest2 test.
I am not seeing it in my environment, and it does not seem to have
shown up in any of the publically posted nightly regression tests.

Can someone from Norway help, is it possible that 2 strings used in
the test, are to be treated as equal in Norway?:
"Wσgan" "Waagan"

The first string contains an unfamilar character (to my english 
environment - I am not sure my mailer will even handle it correctly) as 
it's second letter, and I am wondering if I should have used a unicode 
escape for the data
instead.  See the data string in the runDerby2670()routine of the
CollationTest2 test.

Is there a chance that in norway aa is supposed to be treated
as equal to the second letter in the first string listed?  If so then
either order may be right, and the test is incorrectly testing for
one order or the other.

I tried to take the data from a donated test case and put it into
the junit test.  It could be I messed something up on my side dealing
with a non english character in some step of the way (file handling, 
code sets, editor, ...).

Rick Hillegas wrote:

> Julius Stroffek wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> When I ran junit tests now for trunk I get 17 errors and 70 failures of
>> many different kinds.
>> My junit console output with exceptions thrown is attached. Probably it
>> is something wrong with my test environment or so, but I have no idea
>> what happened. Are there any issues with upgrade tests due to a new
>> release? Probably this is not the case since these tests does not fail
>> in daily and tinderbox test runs.
>> I always delete the contents of the current directory where I run tests
>> (which ends using as derby.system.home). I tried to checkout the source
>> again and start from a scratch but it does not helped.
>> I run junit throught suites.All.
> Hi Julo,
> I saw tons of upgrade errors in tests which I ran yesterday. Those 
> errors disappeared after I synced my client to the mainline this 
> morning. Now I am seeing the error which you are seeing in 
> CollationTest2. Otherwise, the tests run cleanly for me.
> Regards,
> -Rick

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