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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: 10.3 Concern: Need to make DBO restrictions [Derby-2264] optional at upgrade
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 18:35:26 GMT

Dag H. Wanvik wrote:
> Hi,
> Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradbury@gmail.com> writes:
>>I feel strongly that the restrictions implemented by DERBY-2264 must
>>be tied to sqlAuthorization (or a new property of it's own) being
>>turned on.  The restrictions need to be optional at upgrade otherwise
> I understand your concerns. I addressed the upgrade issue several
> times in the discussion of this issue, but felt the community
> preferred the semantics which are currently implemented, landing on
> the side of a sensible secure-by-default behavior. Options:
>     - label this a major release (11.0), lowering the expectancy for a
>       painless upgrade with users.
>     - postpose the 10.3 release and change the semantics to something
>       else (tie enforcement to sqlAuthorization, introduce new
>       property to turn this checking off (default on) or vice versa)
>     - release it as it stands, but make a follow-up release with some
>       knob to allow users to disable it; making sure to call this out
>       in release notes. Note: since hard upgrade is among the operations
>       restricted, users would likely (although not necessarily) get
>       some hint of the issue early on ;)
>     - pull the feature from 10.3 (I'd love to avoid that ;)
>     - others?
> We need to decide pretty quick; this is a bit late in the game.. What
> say others?
I agree.  Let's somehow mark this issue as a blocker for the 10.3 
release.  I am not saying a change is necessary for the release, only
some consensus on the right approach.  It is not clear to me that
the issue was fully understood, or noticed by the community at that point.

I am ok with delaying the release get discussion/consensus on this issue.
> Thanks,
> Dag
>>the feature will, by default, break compatibility for some
>>applications using connection based authentication.  Put simply,
>>removing the ability for any user to shutdown or upgrade a database
>>will cause failures in systems that depend on that functionality.  I
>>am certain that many Derby users like the near-zero-admin nature of
>>the old authentication system.  This feature introduces an
>>administrative account.  Dag originally suggested the feature be tied
>>to sqlAuthorization (thank-you, Dag) when he noted that the patch
>>caused some tests in derbyall to fail.  Now that I have had time work
>>with the feature and better evaluate the impact I see this as
>>necessary for compatibility.  This issue will be logged in JIRA before
>>long but I chose to begin the discussion outside of JIRA to increase
>>mailbox visibility.  Any opinions - agreements/objections?

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