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From Ole Solberg <Ole.Solb...@Sun.COM>
Subject Upgrade tests in tinderbox and daily regression tests
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 19:24:56 GMT

org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.upgradeTests._Suite is now 
included in the tinderbox test (run as a separate test), see e.g.


It will also be included in the daily regression tests.

I saw one error running with 10.0:
Mike Matrigali wrote:
 > As of change 535521 I believe you should see no errors testing
 > upgrade as described below, let me know if you still have
 > a problem.  I ran upgrade against all lib
 > varients available and only now see 1 issue, DERBY-2612.  This
 > issue only affects upgrade of 10.0 testing.  I am
 > hoping someone who better understands the upgrade test will
 > take a look at that one.
 > It would be great if nightly trunk testing would incorporate
 > the upgrade testing at this point to make sure we catch any
 > upgrade errors quickly.  We may not want to include 10.0 testing
 > until DERBY-2612 is resolved.

10.0 is therefore currently NOT made available in


which in my setup contain:

Ole Solberg, Database Technology Group,
Sun Microsystems, Trondheim, Norway

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