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From TomohitoNakayama <tomon...@basil.ocn.ne.jp>
Subject Re: 10.3 release & translated docs
Date Sat, 05 May 2007 16:12:49 GMT

I surveyed Apache HTTP Server.

They seems to release translated document with their program but not all 
pages was translated.
I had installed Apache HTTP Serrver 2.0 on my PC and
found the almost all pages of manual was translated into Japanese but 
several page was not translated.

I found that they have subproject for document.

(documantation  project page) http://httpd.apache.org/docs-project/

And then, I saw documentation project have support for translation.
(translation page in documentation project page) 

Concerning about Japanese, translation page has link to 
http://cvs.apache.jp/docs-project/ and
this url is part of JAPAN APACHE USERS GROUP(http://www.apache.jp/).
// I remember that I have used their works when I use Apache HTTP Server 

Reading those pages,
it seems that JAPAN APACHE USERS GROUP translates manual of Apache HTTP 
Server into Japanese
under supports of Apache HTTP Server Documentation project and
JAPAN APACHE USERS GROUP seems to send result to documentation project.

The mark of their works are as next.
(Repository of Apache HTTP Server documentation  project)
(Mail log of translation work group in JAPAN APACHE USERS GROUP)

Those information tell that there exists
person who is commiter of Apache HTTP Server documentation project
in translation work group in JAPAN APACHE USERS GROUP and
that person commit result of translation to repository of Apache HTTP 
Server documentation.

Best regards.

Bryan Pendleton wrote:

>> I want to sound them out their interest on this issue,
>> discussing about the way how we maintain manual on our site 
>> simultaneously.
> I think it would be great to have more information about
> the techniques that other Apache projects use to handle
> the issues of translated documentation.
> thanks,
> bryan


        Tomohito Nakayama



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