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From "Bernt M. Johnsen" <Bernt.John...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: norway specific failure in CollationTest2
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 22:56:38 GMT
>>>>>>>>>>>> Mike Matrigali wrote (2007-05-30 15:03:04):
> Is there a chance that in norway aa is supposed to be treated
> as equal to the second letter in the first string listed?  If so then
> either order may be right, and the test is incorrectly testing for
> one order or the other.

Well..... the character "å" replaced "aa" where "aa" was pronounced
"å" around 1925. The only place you will find "aa" today is in names
of persons and companies originating before that time. E.g. the
brewery "Aass" and Kristian's last name "Waagan". In those cases "å"
and "aa" should be treated as equivalent. "aa" is not used in any
other Noregian words (and not in names of places either). All foreign
uses of "aa" is not to be treated as "å" except for some Danish ones

So in my little encyclopedia, The Swizz canton "Aargau" is found under
"A" just before "ab", while the Norwegian skier "Aamodt" is placed
under "Å" (which is our 29th letter) just before the Norwegian
municipality "Åmot". get it?

And how this tranlates into Derby's collation implementation? I have
no idea ;-)

("å" is in this mail is the same as HTML's &aring;)
Bernt Marius Johnsen, Database Technology Group, 
Staff Engineer, Technical Lead Derby/Java DB
Sun Microsystems, Trondheim, Norway

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