No worries, Army. In fact your mail thread brought up the hole in the wiki page where I was vague about current schema when talking about parameters.

On 4/3/07, Army <> wrote:
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> I don't see how when the current schema is defined makes a difference as
> to if they run without error or not? How does the current schema being a
> user schema or a system schema make this statement compile to an error?
>>    // Default schema APP.
>>    PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement(
>>        "select tablename, tabletype from sys.systables where " +
>>        "CAST (tablename as varchar(128)) = ?");

Okay, you are of course correct.  I somehow got it in my head that the collation
of the CAST was determined at execution time, but that's not at all true.
Nothing on the wiki indicates that, it was just a weird conclusion I jumped to
for some reason.

Apologies for the noise.  Mamta, please feel free to disregard my comment and go
ahead with your plans to set JDBC param character set at prepare time (which is
the way that makes sense).

Sorry again,