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From Jessie Lee <jessie_...@bmc.com>
Subject Re: Page could not be read from disk
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 21:20:33 GMT
Hi, Steve & Bryan,

Bryan Pendleton <bpendleton@...> writes:

> > thrown executing the JAVA method java.io.RandomAccessFile.readFully 
> > caused by the end of the file (EOF) being reached unexpectedly. It would 
> > be good to check your disk and system logs for reports of Disk or I/O 
> > problems.

I copied the whole database to the other machine and ran the same query that 
caused the exception - got the same exception.  So, looks like it's not 
hardware problem.

> Perhaps also check to see if your disk filled up. It seems that Derby
> may think that the file is longer (larger) than it actually is, which
> is why Derby is encountering the EndOfFile unexpectedly.
> Perhaps your disk filled up at some point, and caused Derby to crash,
> and then something went wrong after that such that the file was not
> recovered properly?

Is it possible that at some point derby log or data can't be flushed into the 
data / log file and caused the crash?  We saw one error on the other machine 
which mentioned that "log can't be flushed into log" (or something like that).

> thanks,
> bryan

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