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From Paulo Jesus <paulo.je...@mail.telepac.pt>
Subject Re: Question using SYSCS_UTIL.SYS_GET_DATABASE_PROPERTY(..) on IJ
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 13:16:15 GMT

I wrote the command manually here...  the system warns when the command
it´s wrong. But the resul on correct property is the same than in a
random property.

What's the output it should be?
I  have some blank lines, some dots, again blank lines and at the end '1
row selected'.
What should i do with this?

I'm using  db-derby- and started the server whith the
startNetworkserver.ksh from the NetworkServer framework.


John Embretsen escreveu:
> Paulo Jesus wrote:
>> I´m trying to use  SYSCS_UTIL.SYS_GET_DATABASE_PROPERTY funtion on ij
>> against a Network Server but i'm not getting any results(only some
>> garbage).
>> By the reference manual i´m using e.g.
>> SYSCS_UTIL.SYS_GET_DATABASE_PROPERTY('derby.locks.deadlockTimeout');
> I'm no expert on this, but it seems that you are missing the letters CS
> in SYSCS_GET...
> SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_GET_DATABASE_PROPERTY('derby.locks.deadlockTimeout');
> works for me.
>> I´m trying to confirm manual settings made in derby.properties so i´m
>> trying to read values like
>>   derby.locks.deadlockTimeout
>>   derby.locks.waitTimeout
>>   derby.storage.pageCacheSize
>>   derby.language.logQueryPlan
>>   ...
>> Can i get this values using ij?
> Seems like it, as long as you connect to a database first.
> Please report any error messages you get if it still does not work for you.

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