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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: some comments on collation wiki page
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 22:35:15 GMT

Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Mamta Satoor wrote:
>> Mike, thanks for going through the wiki page. Especially, the store 
>> section since I am not too familiar with store code.
>> Following are my responses
>> 1)Mike:Obtain collation id(type) from DataValueDescriptor(DVD) through 
>> DVD.getCollateId method.
>> The way I had collation in mind, collation type would be stored only 
>> in DataTypeDescriptor(DTD) and DVD would only store Collator object in 
>> DVD, ie the DVD will be unaware of how the Collator object was created 
>> using a specific collation type. 
> I think separating meta-data from values is the correct approach. Adding 
> a collator id method to the DVD approach seems incorrect.
> Store already accepts meta-data for conglomerate creation, can this just 
> be additional meta-data?

Ok, didn't realize this broke the model.  As long as the info gets down
to store I don't really care how.  So if you can't get the info from
the template we pass down, then we should just add another array 
argument to createConglomerate and createAndLoadConglomerate which would
make it look like (this was the approach taken to pass down the 
columnOrdering which is basically ascend/descend info for indexes):

long createConglomerate(
String                  implementation,
DataValueDescriptor[]   template,
ColumnOrdering[]        columnOrder,
CollationIds[]		collationIds,
Properties              properties,
int                     temporaryFlag)
     throws StandardException;

Seems like create table, alter table add column, and system catalog 
creation will have the necessary info to fill it in.

If this seems reasonable I would be willing to make the store related
changes for the collation work.  I would probably leave the calls
setting basic collation until mamta checks in support to set the
right collation.
> Dan.

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