Thank you for your valuable suggestions..!! The (Sun) java Downloads  page is  showing  that
jdk1.3( has completed it's end of life(EOL) and Even
there is no link for jdk1.3 in archive page..!! So how to install 1.3..!!

                                 Thank You

On 3/1/07, John Embretsen <> wrote:
Ravinder Reddy wrote:
> No , I never tried to build Derby outside of Netbeans..!!. And I
> installed jdk1.5
> 2 months back and I downloaded the Derby Source from the latest Official
> Release..!!

OK, that may explain it... For building Derby, you need to have both JDK 1.3.1
and JDK 1.4.2 installed (actually, JDK 1.5 is not used during the build process
as far as I know). If you want to build the JDBC 4 functionality you need JDK 6
as well.

Then you need to specify the paths to these JDK installations in your file, for example:


This and other requirements for building Derby is described in BUILDING.txt,
referenced in Step 4.VIII on the wiki page you were following. Here is a direct
link to the 10.2 BUILDING.txt :

I hope this helps...