No , I never tried to build Derby outside of Netbeans..!!. And I installed jdk1.5
2 months back and I downloaded the Derby Source from the latest Official Release..!!
Thank You..!!

On 3/1/07, John Embretsen <> wrote:
Ravinder Reddy wrote:
>             I followed the instruction in the Article But I got the
> following error when I try to build derby in Netbeans.!!!
> Error.....!!!
>             Fatal Error: Unable to find package java.lang in classpath
> or bootclasspath
> plzz look into this and reply.. Thank You

This tends to happen when there is something wrong with the Java (JDK)
setup/installation. Are you sure you followed the instructions in BUILDING.txt
regarding installing JDKs and configuring your file? I guess the
question is: Have you successfully built Derby before (outside of NetBeans)?

Where in the build process does this happen (which ant target)?