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From Ravinder Reddy <pand...@students.iiit.net>
Subject Google Summer of Code 2007..!!!
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 19:54:58 GMT

 	Hello Everyone,

 		As some of u might be knowing me through my mails , I am 3rd year Under Graduate Student
 	 working on derby  for implementing Speculative Locking Protocol.I want to continue this
work as part of
          The Google Summer of code 2007.

 	Why This Mail.?

 		I am adviced to take the suggestions/comments from You. So plzz feel
 	free to give any kind of suggestion..!!

 	What is speculative locking protocol.?

 		This is new locking protocol proposed in the literature to  improve the performance of
database systems
 	by trading extra processing resources.By simulation results  they showed  that it outperfoms
2-phase locking.
 	They proposed a set of protocols and in this project I want to implement the basic one.

 	Why me Only.?

 		I already started working on this project..!!.Java Progamming is always exciting for me.etc..!

 						Thank You..!!


    Every problem that has been solved can be solved again in a better way

                                                   - Ravinder Reddy


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