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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is there a LOG file when Docs are generated for Derby using ANT?
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 00:52:20 GMT
On 3/6/07, Kim Haase <Camilla.Haase@sun.com> wrote:
> Belatedly expressing interest in this issue -- I'm also noticing a bunch
> of errors with the new FOP jar that didn't appear before. For example:
> 1) IDs of the following form now generate an "Unresolved id reference"
> error, and the links no longer work in the PDF (though they do in the
> HTML, both mono and multipage). The syntax of the links and ids seem to
> be perfectly valid.
> rrefjta16677.dita:href="rrefjta51021.dita#rrefjta51021/jta75105">javax.transaction.xa.Xid</xref>,</i>
> and <i><xref
> rrefjta51021.dita:<li id="i1018125"><i
> id="jta75105">javax.transaction.xa.Xid<ph><indexterm>javax.transaction.xa.Xid</indexterm></ph></i></li>

FOP may be expecting that these id attributes belong to an <fo:block>
and not a subelement of a block, like an inline or text formatting
element. I'll look into this at some point.

> 2) There are a lot of errors about the "column-number" property, which
> doesn't occur in the DITA source, so it must come from some intermediate
> step that has stopped working. These errors don't seem to affect the
> output (I suppose they apply to tables, but the tables look fine); but
> they are a nuisance.
>        [fop] Mar 5, 2007 4:14:48 PM org.apache.fop.fo.PropertyList
> convertAttributeToProperty
>        [fop] SEVERE: Ignoring property: column-number=""
> (file:///C:/javadb/trunk/out/ref/refderby.fo:6067:6751: No conversion
> defined ; property:'column-number')

These are similar to the previous errors we were receiving about
invalid column-numbers, but FOP 0.93 is more verbose with its logging.
Not sure why the column numbers are empty, but its probably a problem
with the DITA toolkit's FO transforms for tables.


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