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From Army <qoz...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: FYI - Derby open code bugs chart
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 20:58:51 GMT
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Since the start of this year I've been tracking the number of open code 
> bugs from the Jira filter 'Derby open code bugs'.

[ snip ]

> Interesting idea would be to set a target for the next release (May?), 
> something like 180, say fixing around two/three per active developer?

+1, sounds like a good goal.

I noticed that DERBY-2034 incorporates several Jira issues for which the symptom 
is wrong results (in some way or another).  If I had to pick, I'd say this is a 
good list to start with:

DERBY-2370  EXISTS may return the wrong value for...    Major   Open
DERBY-2256 Wrong Results: Use of decimal values ...     Major   Open
DERBY-1949 locate function returns invalid value...     Major   Open
DERBY-1852 Wrong results: duplicate rows returne...     Major   Open
DERBY-889 with client getTimestamp on a TIME co...      Major   Open
DERBY-1030 In some situations a RETURNS NULL ON ...     Major   Open
DERBY-2017 Client driver can insert and commit p...     Major   Open
DERBY-1816 Client's ResultSet.getTime() on a SQL...     Minor   Open

Two others that perhaps fall into this category (based on their summaries; I 
haven't investigated at all) are DERBY-2105 and DERBY-2073.

 From this list I'm actively working on DERBY-2256 and plan to hit DERBY-1852, 
as well.  If no one else jumps--and if time permits--I may also look into 
DERBY-2370.  But that still leaves quite a few--if any developers out there are 
looking for bugs to pick up, I encourage them to consider any of the ones linked 
to DERBY-2034...

proverbial 2c,

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