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From Army <qoz...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-47) Some possible improvements to IN optimization
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 22:56:21 GMT
> Mike Matrigali updated DERBY-47:
> --------------------------------
> I took a look at the diffs in readlocks and I believe all are "correct" with
> respect to your changes.

Thank you very, *very* much for such a detailed review of the readlocks diff, 
Mike.  Not only does this answer the question of whether or not the diffs are 
acceptable, but I also learned a bit about how this test works, which is great.

<snip very useful details on the readlocks diff>

> 13) @@ -22639,8 +22639,6 @@^M
>    o diff ok
>    o not as good a test as 10.  Because of previous key locking and the very
>      small data set both before and after we lock the same number of rows.
>      Diff does show difference in processing between before and after.  If
>      there had been more than one row between 5 and 7 with the non-unique
>      index it would have shown less rows locked under new code vs. old code.

Just out of curiosity, the diff for this one is:

@@ -22639,8 +22639,6 @@
  APP     |UserTran|ROW     |1   |S   |A           |(1,1)     |GRANT|ACTIVE
  APP     |UserTran|ROW     |1   |S   |A           |(1,10)    |GRANT|ACTIVE
  APP     |UserTran|ROW     |1   |S   |A           |(1,11)    |GRANT|ACTIVE
-APP     |UserTran|ROW     |1   |S   |A           |(1,12)    |GRANT|ACTIVE
-APP     |UserTran|ROW     |1   |S   |A           |(1,13)    |GRANT|ACTIVE
  ij> next scan_cursor;

When I saw this I though that the new code was, in fact, locking fewer rows than 
the old code (because the last two locks are missing from the lock table).  But 
it sounds like that's not really what's happening?

If there's an easy explanation behind this and you have the time/inclination to 
elaborate, could you perhaps touch on what we would expect to see with a query 
such as "IN (1, 7)", and how that would be different from the above?

If that's too much to ask, no problem--you've already helped me a great deal by 
looking at the diff and providing feedback.  Just piqued my curiosity, that's all :)

Thank you again,

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