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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: a client can crash connections of another client!
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 22:09:06 GMT
Quartz wrote:
> Hi,
> Using
> Critical bug. Steps to reproduce:
> 1-Start a NetworkServerControl
> 2-Start a 1st client (sqlworkbench/J), show some rows of some db, table X (stay connected)
> 3-Start a 2nd client (sqlworkbench/J), show some rows of some db, table X.
> 4-disconnect 2nd client
> 5-redo the 1st client query (refresh)
> You get a non architected message, sqlstate 58009, db errorcode -4499.
> In derby log, I see a shutdown of the database, and a restart.
> I don't care how badly and corrupted a client connection can get, nor if the client connection
> a bug in any client. Such corruption should never destabilise a "server",
> certainly not other clients connections.
> It may be that the client tries to shutdown the DB, but it shouldn't have such priviledge
since it
> is a "client", NOT over an Embedded connection.
> Thanks for fixing this as quickly as possible.
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I think what you have run afoul of the fact that a client connection can shutdown the database
thus ending the sessions of all currently connected users.  A client application should never
issue a database shutdown.  The new security features implemented in version 10.3 will prevent
a client from being successful should it attempt this.  Please checkout 10.3 and see if the
security manager changes do not address your concern.  The specifications can be found attached
to these issue:

Shutdown privilege work:

Security with Network Server:

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