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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Change of base compile level to JDK 1.4 (revision 516518)
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 19:36:20 GMT
Revision 516518 changes the default base compile level to JDK 1.4 (for 
DERBY-1983). Basically two changes:

  compile.classpath now defaults to java14compile.classpath
  compiler target/source flags now use 1.4 instead of 1.3

I think this change will be transparent to everyone, i.e. nothing need 
change in your setup. You can remove the setting j13lib from your 
ant.properties if you want though.

I think some more changes are required before the instructions can be 
changed to not require jdk 1.3 and the various optional downloads, I 
just need to go through the build.xml files again and see which are 
still referenced & why.

Note that compile.classpath is not the same value logically as 
java14compile.classpath even though the default setup makes them the 
same. compile.classpath is used to compile classes that need to work in 
JDK 1.4 and J2ME, whereas java14compile.classpath is used for classes 
that cannot run in J2ME. I hopefully improved the comments around this 
in tools/ant/properties/compilepath.properties.
Ideally one should be able to set compile.classpath to 
J2ME/CDC/Foundation 1.1 + JSR 169 libraries and compile successfully. 
This is to allow greater confidence that the base code will work on 
JSR169 and not rely on any JDK 1.4 features. I'm not sure it that 
actually works at the moment though, will be checking that later.


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