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From V Narayanan <V.Naraya...@Sun.COM>
Subject Difference in behaviour of Derby client and Embedded driver when doing a updateClob and a updateBlob
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 12:39:54 GMT
I was working on implementing updateClob/updateBlob methods on the 
network client when I noticed the following.

1) updateClob on a CHAR/VARCHAR/LONG VARCHAR column throws an exception 
on the Embedded Driver but not on the NetworkClient
2) updateBlob works on a CHAR/VARCHAR/LONG VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA throws 
an exception on the Embedded Driver but not on the NetworkClient

 From what the JDBC 4.0 spec says (pg 198 table b-5) the Embedded 
behaviour seems to be correct.

Also the current implementation of setObject(int targetType, 
java.sql.Clob source) in the client is bugged. In implementing 
updateClob(int , Clob) I forward this call to setObject. After this 
doing a updateClob on a CHAR column and a subsequent retrieval using 
ResultSet.getString gives


This is because we do a toString on the Clob column while doing an 
insert. The relevant code can be found in

CrossConverters.java line no 813.

I have two ways of going about my patch to implement the 
updateBlob/updateClob methods

a) Match Embedded behaviour. This would involve throwing an exception in 
the cases mentioned above
b) Retain current behaviour. This would involve fixing 
CrossConverters.java to retrieve the string from the Clob rather than 
doing a toString.

I intend to proceed in one of the above ways.


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