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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject "dynamic_info" in the access layer
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 10:21:21 GMT

This information in this mail is rather incomplete.
However, I have been looking at the access layer lately, trying to get 
an overview over the code. I do not quite understand the use of 
"dynamic_info", or more precisely if it is still used a lot.

dynamic_info is an object implementing the interface 
DynamicCompiledOpenConglomInfo. The interface has no methods or fields. 
The only implementing class I have found, is 
OpenConglomerateScratchSpace. The methods in this class are being 
called, but I have not checked out from where.

I have found only two casts from the interface to the implementing 
class. In both cases a new instance of OpenConglomerateScratchSpace will 
be created of the passed in dynamic_info is null.
In both cases, the OpenConglomerateScratchSpace is assigned to 
this.runtime_mem (in OpenConglomerate and in OpenBTree). At least some 
methods in OpenConglomerateScratchSpace is called by getting the 
reference stored in runtime_mem, which may or may not come from the 
dynamic_info variable.

My question is, will the passed in dynamic_info ever be non-null?
Is this a left-over from earlier days, or is the usage still a crucial 
part of the access layer?

If not, the passing of this variable clutters the code. I can observe 
that a null is passed explicitly in very many places where methods 
accept a DynamicCompiledOpenConglomInfo reference.
I plan to check this at runtime, but if anyone already has the answer, 
it would be convenient :)


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