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From Quartz <quartz...@yahoo.com>
Subject a client can crash connections of another client!
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 14:51:01 GMT

Critical bug. Steps to reproduce:

1-Start a NetworkServerControl
2-Start a 1st client (sqlworkbench/J), show some rows of some db, table X (stay connected)
3-Start a 2nd client (sqlworkbench/J), show some rows of some db, table X.
4-disconnect 2nd client
5-redo the 1st client query (refresh)

You get a non architected message, sqlstate 58009, db errorcode -4499.
In derby log, I see a shutdown of the database, and a restart.

I don't care how badly and corrupted a client connection can get, nor if the client connection
a bug in any client. Such corruption should never destabilise a "server",
certainly not other clients connections.

It may be that the client tries to shutdown the DB, but it shouldn't have such priviledge
since it
is a "client", NOT over an Embedded connection.

Thanks for fixing this as quickly as possible.

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